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REVIEW: Entrepreneur On Fire Podcast by John Lee Dumas

REVIEW: Entrepreneur On Fire Podcast by John Lee Dumas

Recently, I decided I was going to listen to podcasts. I was never a podcast listener before but I thought it would be a good way to spend my time in traffic; instead of listening to meaningless music, I could learn a thing or two. I listen to audio books, but sometimes, I just want to learn something, and audio books, even Game of Thrones, was just boring.

I was going home in traffic one evening, and I had this podcast on my phone, so I thought, “hey, let me check this thing out”. I had subscribed to a few business and technology podcasts, and most of them were definitely made in snoozeville. So I was pretty disappointed, and was almost ready to just uninstall the app, but I decided to give it one more go, and listen to the rest I subscribed to.

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South Park Caribbean Cinemas 10: First Impressions Review

South Park Caribbean Cinemas 10: First Impressions Review

A few weeks ago, we decided to check out the new cinema complex recently opened in South Trinidad; we went to see Interstellar (10/10 film, you should really see it).

This cinema has been shrouded in mishaps since the beginning. They had a grand opening and then was shut down a couple days after (or was it the next day?) for not having the proper licenses and paperwork in place.

So when we heard that they re-opened, we decided to check it out.

My experience was not a great one, but I was planning to write a review anyway. I’ll walk you through my experience, from parking to driving out.

I started out my rating system at zero; +5 when I like something, +10 when you impress me, – 5 when I dislike something, – 10 when you horrify me. Pretty simple.

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I Never Needed Glasses: A Review of Rashmi Mathur Optical & my Eye Care Experience

I Never Needed Glasses: A Review of Rashmi Mathur Optical & my Eye Care Experience

Since I was a teen, I’ve had severe migraines. In high school, the cause was summed up to be the glare from the whiteboards, and I was given Excedrin for Migraine as a quick fix.

(I will warn you, this story has a long backdrop, so if you’re not interested, just scroll down to the bottom to read the review)

About six years ago, those migraines came back, with a vengeance. I did what any normal person would do: go get it checked out. I was told to get my eyes tested, and to me, my eyes are everything, even the thought of losing them (which is inevitable) is epicly depressing. So I went to Optometrists Today and low and behold, I needed spectacles; I was both mortified and relieved.

But, about a week after, the migraines returned, but only when I wore them, so I put them in a drawer, and they had been there until earlier this year, when the migraines returned.

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Samsung Galaxy Note4: First Impressions

Samsung Galaxy Note4: First Impressions

So, the other night, I went into out local Samsung shop and picked myself up an early Christmas prezzie: a spanking new Frost White Galaxy Note4. If you follow me on Twitter, you would already be aware of my lust for this phone since the unveiling event. And I finally have one. (YES!!!) I still cannot contain myself, totally geeking out on everyone who even looks at it, but there is a part of me that’s also a bit disappointed, and we’ll get to that in a bit.

Bigger is Better

First off, this device feels great in the hands. We’ll, at least my hands. I had the Note2 before I switched to the Nexus4 and I really missed having a larger phone and a stylus, so there was no adjustment period. It’s not as heavy as one would expect with a phone of this size, it’s much thinner than the Note2 (not a big difference in look and feel from the Note3), and it fits quite comfortably in an average sized hand.

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Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls (First time player) [REVIEW]

Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls (First time player) [REVIEW]

About a month ago, my fiancé surprised me with an additional PS4 remote and Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls The Ultimate Evil Edition.

I’ve never been that much of a gamer when I was in my teens, but when I discovered a free-to-play World of Warcraft knockoff called Battle of the Immortals (BoI) when I was about 19, that was it. I then discovered why I shouldn’t be gaming, which will become evident later on.

I’m the fantasy RPG (role playing game) gamer; I’m not that interested in FPS (first person shooter) style games like Call of Duty and Battlefield, although, Battlefield 4 is epic to say the least. Last year, I signed up for World of Warcraft; BIG MISTAKE. I spent hours grinding; I sat down at 9am and just like that 12 hours flew by, and another blink and it was 3am. It was a good break from the rest of the hustle of my world, and I got to be a Night Elf Mage with purple hair and glowing eyes who blew shit up with arcane power: GOOD TIMES!

Diablo 3 RoS was much anticipated in this house, as was Watchdogs, and Need for Speed, but not nearly as much as the new World of Warcraft Warlords of Draenor expansion is. However, when I realised Diablo was two player on the console AND a Blizzard game, I got a little excited. This is my pre-WoW-expansion game to quiet my rumbling gaming appetite.

And quite an appetite that has become. Over the last month, I’ve rolled three characters: a Wizard and a Demon Hunter and a Demon Hunter in Hardcore. My fiance has also rolled two: a Barbarian, and a Witch Doctor.

And now to the good stuff…

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[REVIEW] BON-AIRE Ultimate Wash Nozzle

[REVIEW] BON-AIRE Ultimate Wash Nozzle

This morning, I decided to get up and crank out the wash nozzle we bought last week. The car needed a wash, and I am one of those who prefer to wash their own cars. 

Screen Shot 2013-09-28 at 11.50.28 AM_0

This device is awesome. It cuts the time to wash the car in HALF for me and it’s not nearly as hard to wash with a bucket and sponge. You simply connect the nozzle to your hose, fill in your soap into the reservoir and press the nozzle. You can easily switch between soap and water only, so for people like me, who like to wash then rinse an area right after, this is perfect. 

I will advise though, filling the reservoir only to about a third. Reason being, the reservoir fills in with water when the mix setting is on, and I’ve found that after a while, the soap gets watery and not very soapy. So I prefer to put in a third of soap, and keep refilling when it gets thinned out. 

It comes with a nice microfiber wash mitt, which is pretty neat. Washes the car generally well, takes off the dirt, but it does not remove bird excrement easily, so you still need a decent amount of elbow grease there. 

If you have a decent water pressure it will work well. We have a water pump so it sprays a heavy amount of water a good distance. And the spray isn’t a light spray; it’s much heavier than you’d imagine, which is perfect for washing cars. 

All in all I would recommend this to anyone. A great buy! Available at PriceSmart for TTD $200.00 

[REVIEW] 2013 13 Inch Macbook Air + OS X

[REVIEW] 2013 13 Inch Macbook Air + OS X

You will see lots of technical reviews on the Macbook Air floating around the internet, but this is a personal review, highlighting the features I love and components which make it more useful for me.My Move to a Mac and I Love itTwo weeks ago, I took a risk and and bought a Macbook Air. I had been looking for a new laptop, but was looking for something powerful, yet light, beautiful yet rugged. Lenovo was my initial choice, but I was unsure of the durability of their ultra books, since the ThinkPads all come with crash bar technology inside. Within three minutes of purchasing the Macbook online, I sat looking at the purchase, with the cursor hovering over the ‘Cancel’ button. It was my first Mac, and this machine would be my main machine (Oh! The HORROR!). I found solace in the fact that I can install parallel operating systems on a Mac, so I could have my Windows 7 on my new Macbook; so all good there.Within fifteen minutes of set up, I was hooked on Mac OS X. Coming from a Windows machine, I did not miss a thing, and rather I will now miss all the awesome features of OS X on a Windows machine. Since, I have not touched my Windows desktop at the office, since this machine is just as fast (if not faster) and the multi-touch touchpad makes multitasking very simple. Now, I have Parallels installed on the Mac, and I have not touched it.

The 2013 13 Inch Macbook Air

Overall this laptop is very very attractive. Incredibly light (for its size), a full sized backlit keyboard, thin, sleek, simple and beautiful. Yes, a comfortable full sized backlit keyboard makes working in low light a breeze; no more angling the screen to see the keys.

The screen resolution is great, and it fits my needs. I’m not a graphic designer or a photographer, so I didn’t need the retina display.

It does not feel cheap, or breakable (not that I would test that). It’s an aluminium body, not plastic. It’s got this incredible finish, which does tend to get dirty, but thankfully, NO FINGERPRINTS! And this does not get hot on my skin, unlike all the laptops I’ve used on my lap. I’ve spent most of my time with this machine on my lap, charging, not charging, working hard and gaming, and it did not get hot – AT ALL! Thank you Apple for that wonderful feature.

There is a lack of ports, but you have to expect that given the size and thinness. There is however, a ThunderBolt port, which is used for multiple things (Ethernet, HDMI, etc). The downside to owning a Mac, which everyone knows, is that the machine itself is not that expensive, but the extra stuff like a ThunderBolt to Ethernet cable is.

There is no CD drive, which does not bother me in the least. For the last five years I have been using CDs only in the car, and until very recently, that had not been very often. I had to burn a CD for a co-worker and found myself thinking “How do I do this again?” and I have burned thousands of CDs in my lifetime.

The battery life is great. Apple boasts a 12 hour battery life, but I’m yet to see that happen. Running heavy Chrome tabs, Photoshop and Evernote, among other apps like Reminders, I get about six to eight hours, which is a vast improvement from its 4 hour previous version. And even better, the battery charger super-charges it. I would get a full charge from about 20% in about three hours or less if the laptop is switched off.

Skype calling has never been better. The sound and video quality is fantastic, even on a very slow internet speed. This was a big deal for me, since I Skype call clients and distant family.

The magic mouse makes some work a bit easier, and the gestures are almost the same as the touchpad. I really like the feel of it, although some with bigger hands will complain if they are used to a standard sized mouse.

Under the keyboard is where the speakers are, and I believe that is also where the machine breaths from because I see no air ducts anywhere. I would not suggest getting a plastic keyboard cover for it in that case.

MAC OS X v10.8 Mountain Lion

Mac has come a long way in the last decade. I remember when Mac OS was the second-least user friendly machine on the market, hence my nervousness.

Whoever said OS X is not user-friendly is an outright liar. Yes, you heard me. OS X is more user-friendly than Windows 7. I have been using Windows for 14 years, and frankly, OS X knocked off my socks. And I’m sure all you Mac users out there are going “Yes, we converted yet another!” But I can really see why some people will choose nothing else.

First of all, the launcher is nice and big. It’s not a list like Windows. I like that; very much like a mobile app drawer. I’m a visual person, so for me, this was much nicer than the Windows Programs listing. Finding apps is a breeze. The only issue I have with it is the fact you can’t order it alphabetically. For me, that’s a great option, since I sometimes look for things by name, not location. No worries though, I just re-ordered all my apps into places where I want them.

When I moved from Windows XP to 7, I stopped using the Programs list. Instead I would just type in what I was looking for. When I realised that Mac had Spotlight, which could be accessed with just a simple keyboard shortcut (⌘+SPACE), I was in love all over again.

For those who don’t know, Mac’s Finder has an awesome accordion feature for its photos. So, when looking for a photo, I open the folder, and click on the accordion, and just quickly or slowly slide threw my photos with a two-finger gesture. How awesome is that!

Running 10 desktops, this thing did not lag a bit when I added a memory-intensive game on it. I must say, I was impressed with how smooth it really is. This can actually give Android’s Project Butter a run for their money. Mac has made multitasking a breeze. Heck, even a man could multitask now! (HA! HA! Just kidding)

With multiple desktops, I can run Chrome on one, Evernote on another, A Powerpoint Presentation I’m working on on another, and my calendar at the end; and I can access these with a simple three-finger-swipe gesture on the touchpad. I can now work on a million and one things at the same time and be on top of everything! Power to me!

There is nothing missing in terms of programs. But quite honestly, I use Chrome, Evernote, Pocket, Photoshop, FileZilla, Skype and Microsoft Office. If you have programs that are only available for Windows or Linux, then you can install Parallels and with a three or four finger-swipe gesture, you’re on your Windows machine.

This laptop is THE laptop for entrepreneurs, small business, start ups, students, social media networkers and everyone in between who needs a powerful ultraportable laptop. In my professional opinion, this is the best long term investment you can make. It’s definitely worth the money. But if you’re looking for something for entertainment, the Sony Vaio might be a good option for you.


If I discover or remember any other awesome features I will add them in and make a note at the end of the article.

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