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Start Ups: Do you REALLY need that office space?

Start Ups: Do you REALLY need that office space?

It’s a really nice impression to have a posh, shiny office, but not all start ups are created equal.

When you’re doing your business plan, especially a start up, this is a major question for many – should you start up at home, or include that shiny, polished office in the start up funding?

If you’re a start up, do you need that shiny office space?

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Tips to Cut Costs in Your Small Business

I came across some great tips on Business Know-How and thought that I’d share it with the world. Print it and keep it around, and try every day to do something on the list and if you do it often enough, it will become a habit.

  • Save on postage by delivering invoices and statements via email.

  • Download free online forms instead of buying them at office supply stores.

  • Offer catalogs and brochures as pdf downloads to save printing and shipping costs.

  • Turn down the heat or turn up the A/C.

  • Turn off unnecessary lights.

  • Set your printer to draft mode to save ink.

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