Medicard Limited

Medicard Limited

In the near future, you’ll see quite a few posts on my social media pages about Medicard Limited. I’m the Business Development Manager for Medicard Limited (Trinidad) and we’re establishing ourselves on the web, starting with a new website and a Facebook page. We have lots more to come; this is just the beginning.

Show some support and stay updated by joining us on Facebook and visiting our website.

An A-Z of Top Tools for Social Media Monitoring, Analytics, and Management

An A-Z of Top Tools for Social Media Monitoring, Analytics, and Management

Determining which tools are right for you requires a clear definition of your objectives. Some are real-time, highly customised dashboards that enable you to manage multiple accounts, use shared work spaces, and respond on multiple social networks with one click. Others are simple, effective, and lightweight, and provide the right amount of functionality.

To make your life a little easier, here is a list of tools for social media monitoring, analysing and management:

Alterian/SDL ($) | Alterian is now SDL, an integrated platform that blends the marketing analytics, campaign management, and social media capabilities from Alterian with those of SDL.

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Google Analytics: July 2014

Google Analytics: July 2014

Google Analytics Basic Traffic Overview for July 2014:

Screen Shot 2014-08-03 at 11.51.17 PM

Where are you from: T&T (212); Brazil (26); USA (21)

Which Browsers: Chrome (178); Safari (75); Firefox (25)

What OS are you using: Windows (162); Macintosh (74); Android (54); iOS (30)

Who is your ISP: Flow (150); TSTT (41); Digicel (14)

What you’re reading: 

Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 12.01.27 AM

Where you’re coming from: 

Screen Shot 2014-08-03 at 11.59.02 PM

Start Ups: Do you REALLY need that office space?

Start Ups: Do you REALLY need that office space?

It’s a really nice impression to have a posh, shiny office, but not all start ups are created equal.

When you’re doing your business plan, especially a start up, this is a major question for many – should you start up at home, or include that shiny, polished office in the start up funding?

If you’re a start up, do you need that shiny office space?

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While I was writing the piece on Google’s POV on duplicate content, I was listening to Youtube videos from Matt Cutts. Then when the video about small sites getting big came on, I wondered if I could ever get as “big” as Seth Godin. One of his articles gets shared over 3000 times directly from his website in 24 hours, not counting how many times it’s been read, or shared otherwise. There is nothing superhuman about Seth, and there is no reason why I can’t be just as good as him, if not better. I am just as good a writer, plus, his blog is just personal thoughts.

This blog has always been a struggle for me; a balance between conservative businesswoman and creative freethinking gypsy; actually, this has been the fight every single day (IRL).

Half the time, I don’t know what to write, and the other half, I just hesitate, both because of my lizard brain “what will other people think” syndrome. My Evernote has over 200 half written subpar (IMO) articles, collected over the last year or so, and that’s pretty sad, subpar or not, because no one will see it in my Evernote, they will only see it if I publish it.

I spent some time today looking at other blogs from social media and marketing juggernauts and every single one is different, but they are all very successful; what was their secret? Then I realised.. they had a VOICE. I looked through my archives and noticed that I’ve been hiding behind the voices of others for most of 2013, and some of 2014.

Scared is what I’ve been; afraid of my own voice, my own talents. I am fierce in business, but am I really? Not lately, at least. I’ve been afraid.

Then I realised it’s time to stop writing about what everyone else is writing about, and write what the hell I really want to write, how I bloody well feel like writing it. I’m very good at what I do, but it’s not showing because I’m afraid to let it show. I seem to be afraid of success. ME?! Hard to believe if you know me at least five years. I’m naturally fearless, but my past trials have seemed to quiet the dragon inside, tame it in some way. NO. MORE.

I thought of this scene from The King’s Speech while writing this, and it’s exactly how I feel:

King George VI: L-listen to me… listen to me!
Lionel Logue: Listen to you? By what right?
King George VI: By divine right, if you must. I am your king!
Lionel Logue: No, you’re not. You just told me you didn’t want it.
King George VI: L-listen to me…
Lionel Logue: Why should I waste my time listening to you?
King George VI: Because I have a right to be heard! I have a voice!
Lionel Logue: [pause] Yes, you do. [stands] You have such perserverance, Bertie. You’re the bravest man I know. You’ll make a bloody good king.

Lionel’s right; I’d be a bloody good Queen. But I need to stop being afraid of it.

I am the risk taker, the one who doesn’t care what people think, the person whose methods are completely insane, but my results are second to none. I’ve talked the talk, now time to walk the walk.

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